Why You Need a Humidifier

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Does walking around in socks in your home result in someone getting an electric shock? Do you wake up with dry skin, itchy eyes or irritated sinuses? A dry mouth or bloody nose? These are some of the many negative impacts that dry winter air and low humidity can bring. An effective way to fix this is by increasing the humidity level in your home. Here a few benefits of adding a  whole home humidifier  to your house.



Low humidity and dry air in your home can bring about a number of health problems. Symptoms like a scratchy throat, aggravated respiratory ailments, dry skin, and itchy eyes, chronic runny nose and nosebleeds can occur from a lack of moisture in the air. If you have allergies or asthma, dry air can cause flare-ups and worsen your chances of having an attack. Having dry air in your home also increases your chances of getting a cold or the flu since the viruses that cause these ailments thrive in low humidity. Humidifiers help remedy all these issues by adding moisture to the air.



It’s not just your body that is affected by dry air - your home is too. Do you notice getting shocked when you touch anything metal? That’s because dry air increases the static electricity levels in your home. You may also notice that you hear your house making more sounds in winter. Without proper moisture and warmth, the wood in your home can shrink and potentially split. Humidifiers help achieve a balance in your home’s indoor atmosphere and protect your hardwood and wooden furniture from damage.


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