You may already have a programmable thermostat. It’s designed to save you money by scheduling when and how much you cool your home in the summer. Chances are you haven’t reprogramed it in a while, it doesn’t accurately reflect your schedule or your preferences, and it may not be helping you very much at all.

Enter the new world of smart thermostats. Today, thermostats can now program themselves, so you don’t have to. Smart thermostats give you all the comfort and energy-saving benefits of a programmable thermostat without any effort on your part.

Smart Thermostats:
  • Learn your schedule by observing your habits.
  • Are easily controlled using an app on your phone.
  • Save energy without costing comfort.
  • Automatically adjust when you are away.

Basically, smart thermostats are designed to do a better job scheduling the heating and cooling of your home than if you did it yourself.

Not always DIY

You can purchase a smart thermostat almost anywhere, but it isn’t always simple to install it yourself. Standard heating and cooling systems often do not have the C-wire needed to adequately power the thermostat. CNET recently published a thorough article on the significance of a C-wire if you would like to learn more. When you call A.B. May to install your smart thermostat, our technicians will quickly assess your system and add the C-wire if needed. Then we will install the thermostat correctly and help it begin programming itself right away.

How to Choose

There are many great thermostats available to customers. published a lengthy review in August 2017, recommending Nest as the best thermostat for most people. They cited it’s simplicity, ease of use, and compatibility with other products. We understand that every home is different, though, and we can recommend several other thermostats for a variety of situations. Our comfort advisors will listen to you, learn your home’s unique needs, and give you options so you can choose the best setup for your home so you save energy while keeping cool this summer.

Part of a Smart Home

As more and more parts of your home are connected to technology, the benefits of a smart home grow. These elements can work together to add automaticity and convenience to everyday life. Many smart thermostats are designed to work with voice-activated personal assistants like the Amazon Echo or Google Home. They can also integrate with other products like entry locks, lights, garage door openers, cameras, doorbells and other appliances. New integrations are possible by regular software updates to your thermostat.

It’s our pleasure to serve you.

When you call A.B. May to learn more about how to make your home smarter with a new thermostat, you can expect us to listen to your needs, and send a professional to diagnose your home’s unique situation. We will thoroughly explain things and always help you understand your options so you can make the best decision for your home. Our upfront pricing means no surprise bills once we do the work. We do things right, and we would love to help your home work smarter for you this summer. Contact us now to schedule a new thermostat installation.

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