Whole-House Air Purifiers


Allergies are a huge issue for many families. People often purchase individual air purifiers for each room in the house to manage symptoms. These portable units do their job, but they only clean a limited amount of space.

Why not use the power of your entire ventilation system to clean all the air in your house? Our air purifier installs directly into your system to constantly purify and clean your air.

How it works

The Platinum PCO air purifier kills germs and removes odors with proven technology. First, short-wave ultraviolet light (UV-C) and activated charcoal react in a chemical process. Then the reaction captures contaminants and neutralizes them.

This unique technology makes the Platinum PCO an extremely effective air purifier. It works like the catalytic converter in your car. When the UV light reacts with the carbon, it captures and eliminates toxic VOCs. After the reaction, the only things left are harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide.

The PCO process leaves its carbon cells clean so they never need to be replaced. You will have pure, odor-free air throughout your home without any maintenance.