Kansas City HVAC Zoning Services

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Many of our customers tell us they have rooms that just aren’t comfortable. Or they don’t want to heat the basement when they rarely spend time down there. Other common trouble spots include open floor plans and even a second story. Zoning your furnace may solve those issues in your home and lower your gas bill, too.

How Zoning Works

An article by Angie’s List compares typical heating and cooling system to a single, dimmable light switch for your whole home. The same settings apply to every room. Adding zoning to that system creates multiple “switches” so you can set different temperature controls in each part of your home. This gives you more control over your comfort.

In a zoned system, each custom zone has its own thermostat controls. You can make it warmer where you spend most of your time. Turn down the temperature for areas that don’t get a lot of traffic in your home to save energy. In summary, zoning uses a single furnace to give you the comfort usually seen with multiple systems.

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