Improving Indoor Air Quality


We get more requests for information on duct cleaning than any other service we provide. As we spend more time indoors during the winter months and our bodies work to fight off colds and the flu, the need for clean air is especially important.

Dust, allergens, and fungal spores move along with your air through your home ventilation system. These toxins can build up in your ductwork and are difficult to clean because it’s hidden in your walls. Our trained team removes 99.97% of these contaminants from your system with patented technology.

Types of Dirt & Grime Inside Your Ducts

  • Dust Mites
  • Bacteria
  • Pet Dander
  • Dust
  • Fungal Spores

Dirty air ducts can affect people in very tangible ways. They can trigger allergies and asthma symptoms or cause nasal congestion and dry skin. They can also irritate people with sinus problems, emphysema, or other respiratory ailments.

We Super Clean your Ducts

We get rid of dirt and contaminants from the ductwork and other HVAC components with high-pressure air and a powerful HEPA vacuum. Our powerful HEPA-filtered collection system uses negative pressure on each section of ducts to capture dislodged contaminants.

Other Options for Cleaner Air

Cleaning the ducts in your home will greatly improve the indoor air quality of your home. Additional options to improve your home’s overall indoor air quality include , ultraviolet air purifiers, and humidifiers.
Contact us and ask for our Indoor Air Quality specialists to find out how you can create a safer, healthier indoor environment for your family.