5 Common Furnace Problems In Kansas City

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We see several common furnace problems in Kansas City.
1. No Heat at All

Several issues may cause this problem. Faulty ignitors are a common culprit, especially if your furnace seemed to be working fine and then suddenly shuts off. Also, if your system hasn’t had regular maintenance, ignitors can get dirty and go bad. Replacing the ignitor is a lower-cost repair and is easy for a trained technician to do. The thermostat, power, or gas supply may also be causing the issue.

2. Not Enough Heat

First, check your air filter. A dirty filter may be clogging your system, or your gas burners may need to be cleaned or adjusted. Change your filter to see if it improves performance.

3. Heat Cycles On and Off

Your furnace could be cycling due to a thermostat setting, or dirty air filters could be blocking air flow. First check your thermostat to make sure it is set properly. Next, change your filter to see a clean filter will stop the cycling.

4. Thumps, squeaks, or rumbles.

Your furnace is designed to run quietly. If you are hearing loud noises, it’s likely that you have a mechanical issue. Scheudle a service call so one of our professional technicians can help you understand what is going on.

5. Fan Blows Constantly

If your blower won’t turn off, you may have a problem with your thermostat or your blower motor. Sometimes a faulty limit switch may also cause this issue. Scheduling a service call is a good idea.

We are here to help. Please visit our Tips Before You Call page for some ideas to try before you schedule a service call. If your problem has a simple solution, we would love to save you the time and money of a professional repair.

Whatever your problem, A.B. May’s technicians can diagnose it. We always explain your options for repair and give you upfront pricing to avoid surprises once the work is done. We are here to help. It’s our pleasure to serve you!

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