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Protect your clients from unexpected repairs

You found your client’s dream home, helped them win the house with a solid offer, and successfully
closed on time, but then you got the call…

The hot water heater doesn’t work, the oven won’t heat, and the lights short out when the air
conditioner clicks on. The good news is you’ve helped them plan for these situations with an A.B. May Home Warranty. With 24/7 emergency service, a highly-trained A.B. May expert technician is just a phone call away. You can relax knowing they will find the problem, present a solution, and take care of the repair to your client’s satisfaction.

The A.B. May Home Warranty you recommended has saved the day.

How to register a home warranty

1) Review the brochure with your client.
2) Register the warranty online.
3) Forward the email confirmation to your client.
4) Relax knowing that your client’s heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical are covered by a home warranty!

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