Electrical Services

Electrical Service, Upgrades, and RepairsWe can help!

All of your electrical needs can be met by our knowledgeable, friendly and expert technicians.  We can perform service upgrades and add surge protectors, outlets, ceiling fans and light fixtures.  we have up front, flat rate pricing to assure your peace of mind.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

In addition to taking care of your electrical repairs, our expert technicians can upgrade your electrical panel.  A few reasons that you may need to upgrade your electrical panel would be:

  • If you're experiencing problems w/the electrical supply in your home.
  • If you are expanding or remodeling your home
  • If your panel is a dated fuse box or an outdated circuit breaker. CLICK HERE to find out if your electrical panel is outdated.

Surge Protectors:

Safeguard your electronics and appliances by having a whole-house surge protector installed.  Lighting is not the most common cause of power surges.  60% to 80% of power surges, according to NEMSA Surge Protection Institute, start inside the home from major appliances and various systems that cycle on and off (ie. air conditioners, clothes dryers, and refrigerators).  This can happen all day long and over time can take a toll on your sensitive electronics.


Our trained technicians can install a home backup generator that will protect your home automatically should there be a power outage.  Generac generators run on your existing gas or LP fuel supply.  Read more...>>>

Whole House Re-Wiring:

Did you know that homes built as recently as the 1980's might not meet today's electrical safety standards?  With the addition of so many appliances and electronics that rely on electricity, your home may be pulling more power than your wiring is capable of.  Old  wiring, over time, will deteriorate until it is unsafe.  If you are unsure,  you may want to contact a professional to inspect your home.  here  are a few ways to tell if wiring is a problem in your home:

  • Look to see if there is a black wire going into your electrical panel (circuit breaker box).  If it is black it's older.  New wires are coated with PVC that give them a white or grey color.
  • Do you only have one outlet per room?  If so, you are under serviced.  You should have outlets every 6-8 feet.
  • Are you experiencing blown fuses or power outages?
  • You've replaced a fuse more than once in the past year?


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