Furnace Maintenance and Tune-Ups in Kansas City

A.B. May technician working on furnace

Maintenance appointments improve the performance, efficiency, and longevity of your furnace. All major mechanical systems need regular tune-ups to run effectively. Just like your car needs regular oil changes, your furnace runs its best with maintenance twice a year.

A.B. May’s HVAC technicians are well-trained, thorough, and professional. They answer any questions you have and help you understand how well your system is operating. After maintenance, your furnace will be better equipped for the bitter cold that Kansas City winters can bring.

The Benefits of regular furnace maintenance


Regular use can create dirt and debris that forces your system to work harder to keep your home warm. Energy costs can grow over time, so you don’t realize how much efficiency you have lost. During maintenance, we clean and lubricate the moving parts in your heating system to reduce the energy your furnace needs to perform its best.


Like all machines, parts in your furnace may wear out occasionally. A tune-up can spot issues before they affect performance so you aren’t surprised when bitter cold tests your system’s ability to keep your home comfortable. Our trained technicians can also spot a problem before your furnace completely breaks down.

Extend THE LIFE Of your furnace

Regular furnace maintenance keeps your system from working extra hard to compensate for worn out parts. When all the parts of your furnace are clean and working well, it has a better chance of exceeding its life expectancy.


A safe home is our top priority. We check your unit for wiring issues and make sure your home is safe from dangerous carbon monoxide. A good cleaning also removes mold and bacteria that can hurt the air quality in your home.

A.B. May HVAC System Checks

Why get a System Check?

System Checks keep your heating and cooling system ready for any kind of weather. They are a great way to identify issues that can prevent breakdowns, increase efficiency, and improve comfort. Since we check your entire HVAC system, you only need to schedule once a year.

What to expect

One of our expert technicians will test and evaluate the major components of both your furnace and air conditioner for safety and performance.

Want your system cleaned as well?

During a System Check & Clean, the technician not only inspects your system but also thoroughly cleans your furnace and AC. By getting rid of any dirt or debris, your system won’t have to work as hard to keep you comfortable.

Special Member Benefits

Most of our service plan members don’t just get a basic furnace check each year. They receive a complete System Check & Clean. Since many elements of your heating and cooling system work all year long, we look at the entire system during each maintenance appointment.

When we inspect your whole system, it prepares you for the season ahead. It also gives some TLC to parts not currently active. Since we check everything each year, you can confidently switch to your heat or AC whenever the weather changes. Our System Check & Clean saves you time and still gives your heating and cooling system the attention it needs for optimal performance.

Become a Member Today

All Bronze, Silver, and Gold Service Plans automatically qualify for free System Check & Clean appointments. Home Warranty renewals and Value Plan members receive a System Check, which helps spot problems before they cause a breakdown. All plan members also receive 15% discounts on all additional services. Our service plans can be customized for you and are a great investment in your home.