Homeowner Service Plans

To Purchase, Renew, or Cancel a Plan please contact a Customer Service Specialist at 913.383.3100 or
*If you purchased your Gold or Silver Service Plan before 2019, the preventative maintenance coverage differs slightly from the brochure link above. All other coverage is the same. Please email us at with your property address if you would like a brochure for your specific grandfathered plan.

Service Plans save time, Stress, and Money

A.B. May offers a variety of service plans for every homeowner. They give you a plan for preventative maintenance and home repairs, so you are ready to go when a problem happens. Service plans are also a great solution for homeowners wanting to avoid the high costs of unexpected home repair bills. Finally, they help homeowners who prefer to work with a single, trustworthy company for all their home service needs.

Having a plan to care for your home can take the sting out of home repairs. Our own professional and well-trained technicians complete every repair, giving you service you can trust. Our goal is to make customers for life, so we aim to exceed your expectations and give you great customer service.

DID YOU KNOW: Experts recommend setting aside 1% to 4% of your property’s value every year for home repairs. For example, common furnace repairs often run between $300 and $1,800. A home service plan is a great way to budget for those repairs. Our Service Plans and Home Warranties take the financial sting out of common repairs that are almost always unexpected.

If you want to learn more about how one of our service plans can help you care for your home, give us a call today. We can fully explain standard coverage, benefits, and optional coverage options. It’s our pleasure to serve you.