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Duct Cleaning Services in the Kansas City Area


More people in the Kansas City area ask A.B. May for information on duct cleaning than any other service. This is a hot topic in the AC maintenance checks world, and homeowners have questions about it. Duct cleaning will positively impact the efficiency of your home’s HVAC system and indoor air quality. Let’s look at why.

When air moves through your ventilation system, it brings all kinds of dust, allergens, bacteria, and even fungal spores into the air. These contaminants build up and hide in your walls. A.B. May uses patented technology to clean your ductwork. As a result, we remove 99.97% of contaminants from your system.

What Lives in Your Air Ducts?

Did you know that the average home collects 40 pounds of dust each year? Everything from mites to pet dander and more not only lives in your air ducts but builds up over time. These particles float through your home’s duct system, eventually hardening and creating a thin layer of captured debris.

As this layer gets kicked up each time you use your HVAC system, these particles start re-circulating through your home. This impacts the overall air quality indoors. It can also cause issues for people with allergies, sinus problems, asthma, and other respiratory ailments.

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What Happens During an A.B. May Duct Cleaning?

Our professional, trained team uses patented HEPA-AIRE equipment. By design, this equipment captures 99.97% of the removed particles. Here is what you can expect from an A.B. May duct cleaning appointment:

  • First, we will clean your air conveyance system with high-pressure air and a powerful HEPA vac. The vacuum gets rid of dirt and contaminants from the ductwork and other HVAC components.
  • Then, we use a powerful HEPA-filtered vacuum collection system. The vacuum creates negative pressure and pulls dislodged contaminants out of the duct to capture them.

A recent air quality test in Leawood, KS showed an 80% reduction in the particulate matter inside the home after duct cleaning service from A.B. May. Lower particulate levels can relieve allergies and freshen the air you breathe every day.

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends professional duct cleaning every three to five years. Depending on the age of your HVAC system, along with other factors in your home, you may want to get this done sooner rather than later.

A.B. May will assess your indoor air quality needs and recommend your home’s specific duct cleaning maintenance schedule.

How Much Does Duct Cleaning Cost?

Duct cleaning costs will vary from home to home. Avoid low ball offers and look for upfront pricing to avoid surprises. The cost may fluctuate depending on other factors in your home, such as having pets, the type of air filter you use, and how long it’s been since your last duct cleaning.

Is Duct Cleaning effective?

Duct cleaning is not a waste of money. Cleaning your ducts helps with the efficiency and airflow in your home and help prevent your AC from not working when you need it the most. By removing dust and debris from the vents and HVAC system ductwork, you’ll ensure you’re getting the most out of your system as it brings warm and cool air into different areas of your home. That efficiency alone can save you money and extend the lifetime of your home’s HVAC unit.

What Does A.B. May Recommend?

Anything you can do to improve air quality, airflow, and the longevity of your HVAC system is worth your time and money. The better you take care of your HVAC unit, the less you’ll spend in costly AC repair or AC replacement before you need to. Our 60 years of experience in duct cleaning and all things heating and cooling will ensure you get the best possible air quality at home.

Have questions about duct cleaning? Not sure if your home needs it? Call A.B. May at 913-383-3100 and find out how our technicians can help your HVAC system work smarter, not harder, with our duct cleaning services.

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