Home Energy Saving Solutions


It takes a lot of energy to keep homes comfortable when temperatures rise. It makes sense to use that energy wisely. Learning about how to make your home efficient helps both your pocketbook and the environment.

Several Energy Saving Options

When it comes to creating energy savings in your home, there are two main goals:

  • Stop cool air from leaking out of the house.
  • Use energy-smart technology to keep your house comfortable.

There are several ways to save energy while keeping your home cool. You may be surprised that something as small as a tuneup for your air conditioner can turn into significant savings. Insulation is also incredibly important because it keeps your cool air inside where it belongs. Another option is to customize your current air conditioning system with energy-saving options designed to fit the characteristics of your home. Smart Thermostats are yet another way to avoid wasting energy by only keeping your home cool whenever you are home. Finally, if your current system is 10-15 years old, the energy savings from installing a new system may pay for itself within a few years.

Preventive Maintenance

Air conditioners work hard to keep your home cool. Dust builds up and parts can wear out from constant use. When that happens, your air conditioner may use even more energy for each degree it cools your home.

When we perform preventative maintenance on your A/C system, we clean it thoroughly and check every component and connection to make sure your unit is running as efficiently as it can. This can often reduce your energy bill. Also, regular maintenance helps avoid inconvenient breakdowns and extends the life of your unit. Learn more…


Insulation is one of the best things you can do for your home. Insulating your walls and ceilings is an affordable way to keep cool air from leaking outside. Our service advisor can evaluate your home for the best use of your insulating dollars when you schedule a free estimate. Learn more….

Upgrade Your Equipment

An out-of-the-box air conditioner isn’t the best fit for every home. Our service advisors take the time to understand the unique characteristics of your home and your family’s needs to help you find tailored options to save energy while adding comfort. Zoning, a high-performance blower, or a media filter may be good options for your family. Or if your system is outdated, you may see significant energy savings from replacing your old AC. When you buy a system from A.B. May, you are getting a top-quality installation, which makes sure your AC performs up to its potential.

Smart Thermostat

Technology can help you manage your thermostat to be as energy-efficient as possible. Read more about how Nest Learning Thermostats pays attention to your daily habits to create a thermostat program that uses your energy dollars as smart as possible. Learn more…