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Do You Need a Water Softener in Kansas City?

Hand washing in a white sink with black tap.One of the most common issues Kansas City residents deal with is hard water in their homes. Hard water can cause dry skin, spotty dishes, and scale buildup on plumbing fixtures. It’s an issue that can be easily avoided with a water softener. How prevalent is hard water in Kansas City, and are the benefits of installing a water softener worth the investment?

In this blog post, the plumbing professionals at A.B. May explain what hard water is, how common it is in Kansas City homes, and the benefits of investing in a water softener.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is classified as water with a high level of minerals, primarily calcium and magnesium ions. While mineral-rich water might sound like a good thing, it can have significant consequences for your plumbing fixtures and personal health, including:

  • Dry, itchy skin and dull, brittle hair after bathing
  • Foul taste and odor in your water supply
  • Reduced effectiveness of soap and detergents
  • Scale deposits in pipes and appliances
  • Spotty dishes and dirty laundry

Does Kansas City Have a Hard Water Problem?

Water hardness levels are calculated based on how many calcium and magnesium ion particles per million (ppm) are in the water supply. In general, water is considered hard when these levels reach 150 ppm.

Because the Kansas water supply mainly comes from underground wells rich in magnesium and calcium, Kansas water is considered very hard, with an average water hardness of 299 ppm. In Kansas City, water hardness is even higher at 330 ppm.

Since water hardness is such a prevalent concern for Kansas City homeowners, the best thing families can do to protect their health and plumbing fixtures is to invest in a water softener. Doing so can protect the integrity of your plumbing system while enhancing your household’s overall health and wellness.

Why Install a Water Softener?

Choosing to install a water softener can provide many unique benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked, including:

  • Improved water quality: Removing minerals from your water supply can leave your water smelling and tasting better.
  • Increased cleanliness: Softer water will result in cleaner dishes and laundry, thanks to increased soap and detergent effectiveness.
  • Extended fixture lifespan: Water softeners help reduce scale buildup, resulting in greater efficiency and enhanced plumbing fixture longevity.
  • Personal wellness: Installing a water softener can help reduce dry, itchy skin and dull, brittle hair for improved health and wellness.

While DIY water softener installation might seem like a great way to save time and money, it’s strongly recommended that you trust a professional plumber with the job. They can help you select the best system suited to your needs and ensure safe, long-lasting installation in compliance with local building codes and regulations.

Choose A.B. May to Install a Water Softener in Your Kansas City Home

If you’re considering investing in a water softener, A.B. May is here to help with the top-quality products and services you can trust. For over 60 years, we’ve proudly delivered the comprehensive plumbing solutions that Kansas City residents trust. With financing options and special offers available, we strive to make your water-softening experience as stress-free and affordable as possible.

Invest in your home’s water quality today by booking a water softener installation in Kansas City.

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