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For 60 years now, A.B. May has provided Kansas City residents with home comfort services. So far, three generations of our family have worked to help the City of Fountains stay comfortable and safe.

Whether it’s heating service, heating repair or heating installation, A.B. May is there for you. The furnace quit on Christmas morning? Our 24/7 service is there for you. Heat pump gives out while hosting overnight guests? We’re there for you. Boiler dies, for good this time? Give us a ring.

Simply curious about the benefits of ductless mini splits and would like a free estimate? We can answer that. We take care of your furnaces, heat pumps, boilers and ductless mini splits to keep you warm and cozy.

Heating Repair in Kansas City

We know when the furnace makes funny noises or won’t properly heat, you need it fixed – fast! Call and we’ll handle your heating repair quickly and professionally for any brand. To save you some money, here are three things to try before you call for heating repair:

  1. Check the thermostat. Trust us, it’s crazy how often the lever or button accidentally moves from heat to off. Verify the thermostat settings. It sends the orders to your heating and air system. If it’s faulty, it sends the wrong instructions to your heating system.
  2. Check your air filter. It’s easy to forget! Check your air filter and if you find it’s clogged and dirty, change it. Then see if your heating system comes back on. Sometimes, the filter is so caked with dust and other debris, the furnace’s blower motor overheats trying to force air through the system. Safety mechanisms shut the motor down to avoid bigger problems which causes your heating to shut down before your house is warm enough.
  3. Walk around your AC compressor outside. It’s common for yard waste like dead leaves, twigs and lawn clippings to gather around the HVAC unit outdoors, especially after storms. Along with overgrown vegetation, this obstructs airflow. In order to work properly, your HVAC system depends on good airflow. If there’s a lot of yard clutter around it, clear it away. Cut away shrubbery or flowers within two to three feet of it. Think something is stuck inside, suspect rodents, or there’s a bent fan blade? Don’t try to fix it yourself. Call A.B. May.

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Repair vs. Replace Heating Systems

If you’re unsure whether you should repair or replace your furnace, heat pump, boiler or ductless mini split, just ask! Our team is well-educated in the lifespan of HVAC equipment, various brands and emerging heating technology.

We can help you weigh your options depending on factors like your energy efficiency goals, how long you plan to stay in your home and more.

Emergency 24/7 Heating Repair Service

The answering service is always awake and ready to take your call. We don’t charge extra fees for emergency services, but we reserve the right to assess what defines an emergency.

A qualifying situation poses an imminent threat to people or property, such as infants or elderly people in extreme temperatures, for example.

Heating Installation and Furnace Replacement in Kansas City

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The most popular choice for heating in the Midwest, furnaces handle winter temperatures and pair with air conditioners for cooling during the summer. Furnaces combust a fuel, usually natural gas, and move air over the heat exchanger.

The air draws warmth from the heat exchanger, and the blower distributes the warmed air throughout the ductwork and rooms.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps continue to become a popular choice for homeowners. Heat pumps both heat and cool a home. Unlike a furnace, a heat pump does not generate heat. To heat the home, it pulls heat from the outdoors into the home. To cool, it operates in reverse, extracting heat and moisture from the house and venting it outdoors.

Ductless Heating or Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless heat pumps continue to gain popularity with Kansas City residents. Quiet, efficient and conveniently-controlled with a remote, ductless heat pumps install without connecting to ductwork.

A small hole connects the indoor air handler unit to an outdoor AC compressor. The ductless unit installs on the ceiling or wall, alleviating the security concerns of old-fashioned window units.

Use a single unit to boost the heating in a chilly bedroom or finish a garage or addition without ductwork expenses. This is especially useful in homes with complex architecture or without modern systems.

Central System vs. Zoned System

A central system is defined as a centrally-located furnace and air conditioner or heat pump, which supplies heating and air to the whole home. A zoned system has two or more HVAC systems dedicated to specific sections, or zones, of a home.

Large homes may have more than one air conditioner/furnace combo or heat pump, for example. Some Kansas City residents create zones using multiple ductless mini splits. Depending on the model, up to six indoor air handlers may connect to a single outdoor AC compressor.

Indoor Air Quality and Comfort for Heating in Kansas City

Many homeowners ask us how to solve air quality issues like dry air, static electricity, and allergen concerns. Here’s a summary of products A.B. May uses to help with air quality issues common in winter.


Familiar with the phrase, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity?” The greater the amount of moisture in the air, the warmer it feels. Part of air conditioning is extracting moisture from the air to help occupants feel cooler.

In the winter, the air is naturally drier and results in symptoms such as itchy, dry skin, dry throat or mouth, particularly in the mornings. Dry air also can bring an increase in allergens, asthma triggers, and more. To combat this, you need a humidifier.

Installed within your central HVAC system, humidifiers monitor and control the humidity in your home. Humidifiers increase your comfort and allow you to keep your thermostat a little lower. This saves wear and tear on your heating system and money on heating bills.

Media Air Filters

Every HVAC system uses an air filter, but it’s often basic. When you upgrade to a media air filter, it traps more of the airborne particles which trigger respiratory conditions like allergies, asthma and even some cardiac issues.

Be sure to consult with A.B. May. The wrong filter could be bad for your HVAC system. It’s critical to pair the correct filter with your heating and air system. A filter too dense strains your system and causes it to overheat or short cycle.

UV Air Purifier

This incredible system uses activated charcoal and ultraviolet light to neutralize odors, germs, and allergens in your home.

Duct Cleaning

Remove nearly 100 percent of contaminants from your ductwork with A.B. May’s duct cleaning system. As air travels through your ducts, dust and other debris like pollen, pet hair, dander, dust mites and airborne spores from mold, fungus, viruses and bacteria travel with it.

Clean the ductwork in your home and breathe easy. We highly recommend this service after major construction projects and when moving into a new home.


Many homes, especially older ones, are difficult to heat and cool because they were built using different codes and standards. Energy efficiency, for example, has changed a lot in building codes and most homes, even those 10+ years old, usually don’t have enough insulation.

Ask us for an insulation audit. Save money, be more comfortable, and give your heating and air system a break with increased insulation.

Preventive Maintenance for Heating Systems

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Benefits of a Furnace or Heat Pump Tune Up

When our trained HVAC professionals visit your home for an HVAC tune up, they thoroughly inspect it and look for signs of unusual wear and tear. This prevents most major furnace repairs or breakdowns.  

It might be a simple belt replacement or a usage recommendation but it’s an opportunity to check it out. Technicians test controls and electrical switches. They also clean and lubricate any applicable components.

Overall, they help your heating system run as energy-efficient as possible and try to prevent major problems.

Service Plans for Kansas City Homeowners

A.B. May offers three versions of service plans. Preventive maintenance plans allow homeowners to budget for routine service and easily stay compliant with warranty requirements.

Home Warranties

Don’t forget about our home warranty coverage if you’re buying or selling a home!

We highly recommend a service plan that includes your HVAC because they make maintenance so easy to remember! Sign up today and remove it from your to-do list.

Leak Detection

One of the most common issues found during an HVAC tune up is a leak around your air handler. Technicians routinely resolve this problem for homeowners. It’s a common problem better fixed sooner than later and another reason to book preventive maintenance.

Surge Protection

Did you know the majority of internal power surges come from large appliances like furnaces and heat pumps? Protect your largest investment with surge protection for your whole home.

Heating System Finance Options in Kansas City

A.B. May offers many HVAC finance options for homeowners. Why should you finance major purchases like a new furnace or heat pump? If you choose to upgrade your furnace to a more energy-efficient model, for example, you’ll save on your energy bills right away, which takes away from the cost of the furnace installation.

For many years, the builder standard was an 80 percent efficient furnace. That means twenty cents of every dollar paid to heat the home was wasted. Now, furnaces are available with 98 percent efficiency – a big improvement!

Also, financing spreads out payments and stabilizes household budgets while you enjoy a more comfortable and under-warranty heating system.

Common Heating Warranty Coverage

One of the reasons we partner with Daikin is the incredible product quality. It makes it easy to stand behind Daikin equipment. As a leading manufacturer, Daikin instills confidence.

Often warranties require registration after the professional installation date and regular service by a qualified professional. Be sure to ask your A.B. May professional any questions you have about your warranty. We love talking about heating equipment, so don’t be shy!

Common Air Conditioner, Heat Pump and Ductless Brands

While we represent, sell and install a select few brands of heating and air quality equipment, such as Daikin and Nest, we service all brands, makes and models.

You may have heard of these brands, but you might not know there’s actually a small group of HVAC manufacturers in the United States. This is common as companies grow and acquire one another.

Major HVAC Manufacturers and Brands We Service and Repair


Daikin, Goodman, Amana

Lennox Industries

Lennox, Armstrong, Ducane, Concord, AirEase, Allied

United Technology

Carrier, Bryant, Payne, Heil, Tempstar, Day & Night

Ingersoll Rand

Trane, Ameristar, American Standard

Johnson Controls

York, Luxaire, Coleman

Rheem Manufacturing

Rheem, Ruud

Nortek Global

Maytag, Frigidaire, Westinghouse, Kelvinator

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