GFCI Outlet Installation & Upgrades in Kansas City


Modern life requires far more electricity than the design of many older houses. Kitchen appliances, entertainment systems, phone chargers, and even bathroom accessories like blow dryers and electric toothbrushes all need outlets for everyday use. Your home may have plenty of outlets, or you may need to consider adding them. You may also want to consider converting standard outlets to GCFI ones for shock protection. Finally, think about replacing outlets that are worn, loose, or have burn marks. New outlets add safety and convenience. Now, you can even have an outlet with a USB port to create a easy charging station.

We Optimize Outlets

Our licensed electricians can help you make the outlets in your home work safely for you by:

  • Installing new outlets in high-need locations.
  • Converting outlets in the kitchen, bath, and outdoors to GFCI to give you added shock protection.
  • Converting a standard outlet to one with a USB port for simple charging.
  • Replacing older two-pronged receptacles with properly grounded 3 pronged outlets.
  • Replacing worn outlets that don’t hold plugs tightly anymore.


Common Problems with outlets

  • Loose

    When outlets no longer hold plugs firmly, it is a sign that the electrical connections have worn out. This increases the risk for an arc fault to happen. Arcs are basically sparks between loose or corroded connections that can heat through the wire insulation and cause electrical fires. Outlets that don’t hold plugs firmly anymore need to be replaced as soon as possible.

  • Ungrounded Outlets

    Older homes often have 2-pronged outlets, but newer appliances and power cords have 3-pronged plugs. Many families simply purchase an inexpensive adapter to use 3-pronged plugs in the outlet. That is a mistake. The third prong in the plug is a safety ground, which protects you and your appliances from surges and electric shock. Older working outlets can still be used, and they are safe as long as you use them as designed. Stop using an adapter today. Instead, call one of our licensed electricians to properly ground the outlet so you can safely use modern 3-pronged plugs.

  • Non-GCFI Outlets

    GFCIs are easy to identify by the test and reset buttons in the center of the outlet. GCFIs protect you from shock by shutting off the power if water comes into contact with electricity. They can also offer protection even if the outlet isn’t properly grounded. It is a good idea to make sure any outlet you have near water is protected by GFCI.

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