Energy Savings

Heating Homes Takes Lots of Energy

No one looks forward to their first heating bill each winter. It takes a lot of energy to keep homes warm during Kansas City winters. And we aren’t alone. According to Energy Star, Americans use twice as many greenhouse gases inside their homes than in the cars we drive. They offer homeowners a booklet with several helpful energy-saving ideas and guidelines for heating your home. Take a look at their suggestions or read a few of our own below.

4 Ways to Save

There are many options to keep your family warmer while using less energy this winter. Take a look at the list below or schedule a free estimate with one of our service advisers to discover which solutions might be best for your home.

Maintain Your Heating & Cooling System

Furnace equipment gets dirty and shows normal wear and tear from daily use. A run-down furnace has to to work harder to heat your home, so you lose efficiency. Scheduling a tune-up is the easiest way to help your furnace perform its best.

Keep Warm Air Inside

Adding insulation to your walls and ceilings saves energy by keeping warm air where it belongs. It saves you money, but it also keeps your home warmer. Learn more about how our trained technicians can help you spend your energy dollars wisely.

Use An Energy
Smart Thermostat

High tech thermostats save energy by creating a thermostat program that matches your lifestyle. We offer several high-end thermostats, but Nest Thermostats are especially easy to use because there's no programming required. You can also change your settings through an app on your phone or tablet. Learn more about how replacing your thermostat can lower your heating bill every month without sacrificing comfort.

Upgrade Your Equipment

There are several options to improve your system's efficiency. You can add zoning, a high-performance blower, or a media filter to improve efficiency. If you have high energy bills, it can also make sense to go ahead and replace outdated equipment. New heating and cooling systems use technology to greatly improve energy efficiency and comfort. We offer top-quality installation so your new system will perform according to its potential.


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