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Why is My AC Not Working?

Why is my AC not working?

Is your AC not working? Not sure where to start troubleshooting or what the problem might be? A.B. May has you covered with this guide on some of the most common air conditioning issues.

Whenever you experience an AC issue in the summertime, it makes your days longer, your nights miserable, and overall ruins what should be one of the best times of the year.

Read on to find out more about your air conditioner not working, some basic troubleshooting you can do, and when it’s time to call in A.B. May to get your air conditioner working right.


Some of these require a professional AC repair company like A.B. May to troubleshoot, diagnose, and fix. Some are simple fixes like repairing a part or changing the air filter. Others might require replacing the entire air conditioning system.

You can click each problem’s link for even more information on that specific issue, troubleshooting steps, and guidance on when it’s time to call us.

  • AC not cooling: If your air conditioning is not cooling and blowing hot air, it could point to various issues, such as a dirty air filter, a refrigerant leak, or a worn-out condenser or fan motor. If a dirty air filter is to blame, you could also be dealing with indoor air quality issues.
  • AC won’t turn on: If your AC unit won’t turn on, it might be time to replace the entire thing, or it could be something as simple as needing new batteries for your thermostat.
  • AC running constantly: Is your air conditioning circulating cold air (or warm air) nonstop? An AC constantly running could mean the unit is too small to keep up with how cool you want it, especially on a hot Midwest day. It could also mean you have a dirty air filter.
  • AC poor airflow: Poor air conditioning airflow typically starts with a dirty filter. It could also mean there are issues with your ductwork. This is one you want A.B. May to investigate.
  • AC leaks water: If your AC leaks water, call us immediately! Your AC should not be leaking water. This could mean a freeze-up of the evaporator coil or an actual leak either from the AC system or somewhere in your ductwork.
  • AC fan not working: The AC fan not working can be caused by various issues, such as a broken fan motor or condenser, a power surge, or broken fan blades.
  • AC not cooling enough: If your AC is not producing enough cool air, it could be the air filter, refrigerant leak, your ductwork, or something mechanical. It could also be a sign that your unit is too small for your home. This is one that you need us for.
  • Central air not working in one room: This one might be as simple as a closed or blocked vent. If not, it could be the air filter, a dirty evaporator coil, or your condenser is clogged with debris.
  • AC smells bad: Nobody likes bad smells, especially if your AC spreads something through your home. This is an odd and potentially dangerous one. If you smell rotten eggs or anything off, turn off your AC immediately and open the windows. It could be a gas leak.
  • AC making loud noise:Any time your AC makes a noise you’re not familiar with, turn it off! Call A.B. May right away. Loud noises could mean mechanical failure, bits and pieces rattling around the system, or something worse.


A homeowner shouldn’t fix most AC issues, especially more complicated parts like the evaporator coil and AC compressor. Instead, they should call in the professionals like A.B. May. You could do more harm than good by trying to fix it yourself. However, there are a few basic troubleshooting steps below you can try before scheduling an appointment with us. Sometimes a simple solution can get your AC cooling again.

1. Change the Air Filter

Changing the air filter for your central AC should be on everyone’s to-do list. Read your manufacturer guidelines to determine the best time to swap out the air filter. It may be every month; for others, it may be every two to three months. Use the appropriate air filter for your air conditioner to get the best airflow through the unit. Replacing your air filter regularly will also improve your indoor air quality, strengthen the airflow of your air conditioning system, and may even prevent the need for an air purifier.

2. Swap Out the Thermostat Batteries

Depending on the issue, replacing the thermostat batteries may help get your AC unit back up and running again. It’s a quick and easy troubleshooting step for most homeowners. While the batteries in a thermostat should last a while, you never know if they’re almost dying and causing an issue with sending the right information to your unit.

3. Check for Blocked Vents, Registers, and Condenser Issues

Checking for blocked vents, registers, and anything obstructing your condenser outside. Make sure they are free of dirt and debris. Obstructions can cause poor airflow and lead to a variety of central AC issues mentioned above. If you’ve never had your ducts cleaned, now would be a good time to contact us to get that scheduled.


It’s tempting to want to fix everything yourself, especially when you own a home. Home improvement projects, maintenance, and other to-do items are something every homeowner takes pride in doing.

Sometimes, though, leaving it to the professionals will save you time, money, and frustration when it comes to your AC unit. Unfortunately, trying to fix an air conditioning unit yourself may cause damage you can’t fix, resulting in you spending even more money with a company like us to resolve the issue.

If you’re not sure you should be fixing your AC yourself – don’t! Call A.B. May and schedule an appointment with us. Even if it’s a small fix, it’s better than having to fix something larger because you tried to do it yourself.


If your air conditioning unit is not working for any reason, schedule an appointment with us or give us a call today to discuss what’s going on. We’ll send an AC expert to your home to troubleshoot, explain your options, and repair your air conditioner. Get your air conditioner back to cooling your home without any issues.

A.B. May has been Kansas City’s trusted AC company since 1959. We’ve seen it all. We’ve done everything when it comes to AC repair and replacement. We will bring that experience to your door and leave your AC better than we found it every time – guaranteed. Contact us today.

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