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Why is My AC Not Cooling Enough?

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When it’s the dead of summer and you’re looking for relief, you don’t want to crank up the AC and find out your whole home isn’t cooling enough. There’s nothing worse than feeling the sweat drip down your back and feeling your frustration rise when you just want to relax. Let’s look at why your AC is not cooling enough and what you can do to get it back in working order.

Can an AC Cool a Whole Home?

Yes! With a properly installed and functioning air conditioner unit, you shouldn’t have to worry about keeping your entire home cool during the summer. Now, yes, on extremely hot days, it may not get exactly as cool as you like – that’s normal. But it should offer enough relief that you aren’t drenched in sweat and feel uncomfortable in your own home.

AC Not Cooling Enough: Here Are Some Reasons Why

Thermostat is Busted

Anytime your AC is acting up, you should check the thermostat. First, check to see it’s at the right temperature. If it is, turn it off for about 90 seconds, then turn it back on and see if cool air starts flowing again. If you see nothing on the display, change the batteries and repeat the above instructions. If the thermostat turns on the AC but is not cooling enough, the thermostat might not be the culprit.

Do You Have a Dirty Condenser?

Your condenser brings outdoor air into your home and performs the heat exchange process that delivers cool air. If your condenser is blocked, dirty, or otherwise damaged, it can stop pulling enough air into the exchange to cool your home. If you’re not comfortable cleaning your condenser – call A.B. May today. You don’t want to risk more damage to your condenser by doing it yourself.

A Filter Might Be Clogged

A dirty air filter causes so many problems for an AC system. It reduces airflow, makes your AC work harder, and keeps you from getting the full force of air from your unit through the entire house. Change your air filter regularly. Replace it if you notice reduced airflow or warmer air blowing from a vent.

Possible Refrigerant Leak

One of the lesser-known issues that affects ACs is a refrigerant leak. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s time to call A.B. May to come out and tackle it. Your refrigerant never runs out, so you shouldn’t need to top it off to make things cooler throughout your home. If refrigerant truly is the issue, you have a leak somewhere that a professional needs to find and fix.

Ductwork Issue

Leaks in your ductwork could cause cool air to flow into your attic, walls, and elsewhere instead of the rooms you need cooled the most. Hiring us to help diagnose and fix this issue is the best way to make sure things are up to par. Finding leaks in the ductwork is hard, especially if you live in a larger home.

Rundown Compressor or Motor

Sometimes your AC just fails. If your motor or compressor fails or isn’t working properly, you may not get enough cool air. This requires a professional like A.B. May to diagnose and fix the problem.

Wrong Size Air Conditioner

When you buy a home, it often comes with an AC unit you didn’t choose yourself. This unit may or may not be the right size for the square footage of your home. If it’s not, you’re probably not getting the cooling power you need to effectively and efficiently keep your home at the right temperature – meaning your air conditioner is overworking itself and you’re losing money each month on utilities. If you suspect this is why your AC is not cooling, you need a professional HVAC assessmentto determine the correct unit size to cool your home.

A.B. May Will Get You Cool Again

If you’re struggling to stay cool in every area of your home, schedule an appointment or give us a call today. A.B. May is your trusted Kansas City AC expert, and we can make sure your AC is working the way it should – keeping you cool throughout the hot Midwest summer.

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