Why is One Room in My Home Harder to Cool?


We see this problem often: one room in the home isn't cooling as well as the rest. There are several reasons this can happen: the thermostat may be improperly placed, the room may be an addition or built on a slab, or it could be lacking the proper supply and return vents. It is also common to have trouble spots if you have two stories, a finished basement, or an open floor plan. Whatever the cause, there is no reason to avoid an entire room in your house because of the temperature.


Nearly every home can benefit from a zoned system. Multi-level homes, homes with large windows or skylights, open floor plans, or a sprawling ranch. The cooling system responds to the temperature of the room the thermostat is in, but the rest of the house may vary in temperature. If the thermostat is on the first floor, it can't respond appropriately to the second story temperatures.

A zoned heating and cooling system solves this common problem. It allows for custom temperature control by creating "zones" in your home. We install dampers in the duct work that are controlled by thermostats in each zone. The dampers act like doors that open and close to control the airflow throughout your home. Thermostats are placed in each zone to control the dampers and airflow.

Each zone is customized to use energy and system as efficiently as possible. These custom zones also allow you to set cooler/warmer temperatures in areas you use more often. Zoning creates the comfort level of multiple systems with a single air conditioner, making the most of the system you already have. For example, you may like sleeping at a cooler temperature than you want your living space. One of our specialized technicians will create a zone for the bedrooms, so you aren't wasting precious dollars cooling the entire house at a lower temperature all night long. Your living space "zone" can stay at a comfortable temperature while you sleep soundly in cooler air.

Zoning can also help you save significant money. Because it uses energy more efficiently, it can lower utility bills and contribute to a longer lifespan for your system. You can read more about the benefits here.


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