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Why Your AC is Not Working in One Room of Your Home


A.B. May sees this problem often: an AC is not working in one room and the rest of the rooms are as cool as a cucumber. There are several reasons this can happen, such as improper thermostat placement, newer addition to the home, slab construction, or not enough supply and return vents. It is also common to have trouble spots if you have two stories, a finished basement, or an open floor plan.

Whatever the cause, there is no reason to avoid an entire room in your house because of the temperature. Let’s examine why this happens, what you can do about it, and when it’s time to call A.B. May for air conditioning services.


Here are some of the reasons why your AC may not be working in one room and what you can do to try and troubleshoot it.


The tiniest crack, lack of insulation, or issues with how your window sits in the sill can make it seem like your AC is not working in one room. If you feel like one room is warmer than others, the first thing to do is to make sure the window is closed all the way and locked. Locking it ensures it’s closed all the way. While you’re closing it up, look for any signs of cracks, no matter how small.

The next thing to check is the insulation. Put your hand against the windowsill and work your way around it. Do you feel any air? Do parts feel warmer than others? This could mean the insulation around the window is cracked, missing, or worn down. It needs to be replaced.

More warm air could be seeping into the room than cold air can be pushed in through your AC, keeping the room warmer than others due to these issues. You could handle these issues if you’re a do-it-yourself, but often A.B. May can come in and identify insulation issues you may not be able to see or feel yourself.


Any leak in the room is either pulling warm air in or allowing cool air to escape. These leaks could be related to open windows or inadequate insulation, but this is more often an issue with the ductwork pushing air around your home from the AC unit. Poor installation, worn down ducts over the years, or any unseen damage can cause air to leak out of the ducts vs. pouring into a room keeping it warm.

This will require an HVAC company like A.B. May to diagnose and repair. Until we inspect the ductwork, we won’t know what we’re dealing with. You could have torn ducts, kinked ones, or even a disconnect somewhere you didn’t even know about.


You see the vents in each room, and you can feel the cool air raining down on you as you walk under one. If these vents are accidentally closed, cool air can’t make it into a room. If they’re blocked with dirt or debris that accumulates over time, the cool airflow will be reduced, keeping the room warmer than others in your home. Your vents should be cleaned regularly and can even be cleaned by you without hiring a professional.


If you’re not sure why your AC is not working in one room or other rooms, it’s time to schedule a service call from A.B. May. This is one of those issues that sometimes, no matter what you do, you can’t fix because it’s happening in the walls out of your reach. We’ll send technicians out to test your vents, ductwork, and AC unit to pinpoint the issue and fix it so that your home is being cooled evenly and adequately room-to-room.

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