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How to Troubleshoot the Most Common AC Air Flow Problems

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On a sticky summer day, the last thing you want to deal with is airflow problems. Being hot just makes everything worse. Airflow problems can occur for several reasons: a dirty air filter, faulty ductwork, or an under-sized AC unit.>

A.B. May will guide you through troubleshooting some of the most common HVAC airflow problems. We are happy to diagnose the issue for you, but spending a few minutes troubleshooting might get your AC airflow working again without having to schedule a service call.

Common AC Air Flow Issues We’ve Seen

Three of the most common AC airflow issues are:

  • Not all vents are blowing cool air.
  • No air is blowing through the vents at all.
  • Air is blowing through some of the vents but not all of them.

If some of your vents are blowing cool air, but not all of them, there may be dust, debris, or something else blocking the ducts to that area of your home.

Also, it’s possible the ductwork is loose, dented, or broken somehow. Over time, ductwork can wear out, especially if installed long ago or because of normal wear and tear from using your HVAC unit each season.

If your AC unit is under-sized for your square footage, it’s possible it can’t produce enough cool air to reach every corner of your home, which is why some rooms are so cool, and others struggle at the hottest part of the day. This is one of the most common airflow issues A.B. May sees.

Troubleshooting AC Air Flow Issues

Change Your Air Filter

We can’t stress enough how important it is to change your HVAC filter regularly. Refer to your manufacturer guidelines and follow those unless specific air conditions require a more frequent change. A clogged air filter can reduce airflow throughout your home very quickly. You’ll be surprised by how popping a new filter in can make a massive difference if your AC has poor airflow. Removing a dirty air filter can also reduce your energy bill.

Open or Close Vents in Specific Rooms

If you want steady airflow in every room of your home, the first thing to check is that the air vents are open all the way. If there are parts of your home that you don’t spend much time in or don’t require that much cool air, you can close those vents to essentially keep air out of that way and hopefully flow into the rest of your house instead.

Clean Your Air Vents and Registers

Many AC manufacturers recommend cleaning your air vents and registers twice a year, more if you use your system often. If changing your air filter didn’t improve airflow throughout your home, turn off the unit at the thermostat and let it sit for about five minutes.

Start with the vents in the various rooms of your home. You should be able to unscrew the corners and pull the vent off. Now is an excellent time to take a handheld vacuum if you have one and vacuum out any dirt or debris you can reach inside the vent.

With the vent off, you can soak it in hot, soapy water for a few minutes, then wipe it down with a microfiber cloth. Let it dry completely before putting it back in its place.

You’ll rinse and repeat for your air registers, if possible. Some vents may not come off for whatever reason. Maybe they’ve never been removed. Perhaps the paint is keeping you from pulling it away from the wall.

If you don’t feel confident removing your air registers and vents – don’t! Call A.B. May to do it for you.

If You’ve Made It This Far with No AC Air Flow Improvement, It’s Time to Call A.B. May

If none of the above made a difference and you’re still experiencing poor AC airflow, it’s time to call A.B. May. Schedule an appointment online or give us a call today. Our trained technicians will come to your home, diagnose the root of the problem, and get it repaired in no time.

Don’t let poor airflow ruin your summer day – let A.B. May get your AC working the way air is meant to be flowing in your home.

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