How to Winterize Your Garden Hose

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Temperatures are officially below freezing in Kansas City, which means it's time to bring in your garden hose. If left outside, the water trapped in the hose can expand and cause holes and cracks. Further, if the garden hose is connected to a water line, it can cause damage to the water pressure and water lines throughout your home. Follow this step-by-step to safely and efficiently store your hose for winter.


abmay1. Turn off outdoor water spigot and disconnect hose completely. 

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2. Let out all water left in hose and detach spray nozzle if you have one. This will prevent any extra water from staying in your hose during the winter. Removing the spray nozzle head will keep it in working condition until the spring, without building up sediment or ice.


3. Remove all kinks in the hose and wind it into a circle. The circle should be approximately three feet. This will allow you to store it properly while also allowing the hose to breathe.


4. Store in a temperature-controlled location. A garden hose will have the longest life if stored in a temperature controlled room throughout the winter. Keep in a closet or basement until the spring to ensure it will work properly when the flowers bloom.