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20 Coldest Cities in America According to the Weather Channel

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Across the country we still seem to be dealing with the “Polar Vortex” and the freezing temperatures that it brings.  Since misery loves company, the list below points out the nation’s coldest major cities.  This list of 20 cities is taken from The Weather Channel’s “America’s 20 Coldest Major Cities” by Jon Erdman and puts us at ease that we are not alone in our quest to stay warm!
1. Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
2. Anchorage, Alaska
3. Madison, Wisconsin
4. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
5. Omaha, Nebraska
6. Chicago, Illinois
7. Lincoln, Nebraska
8. Rochester, New York
9. Buffalo, New York
10. Ft. Wayne, Indiana
11. Toledo, Ohio
12. Detroit, Michigan
13. Akron, Ohio
14. Cleveland, Ohio
15. Indianapolis, Indiana
16. Colorado Springs, Colorado
17. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
18. Denver, Colorado
19. Kansas City, Missouri
20. Boston, Massachusetts
Whether it is called a polar vortex or not, it is still extremely important to have a furnace in good working condition when cold temperatures hit.  That is why you should have your furnace inspected on an annual basis.  If you have not had an annual maintenance check performed on your furnace yet this season, it is not too late!  If your furnace does happen to break during this wintry season, please know that A.B. May will be there to help you out!

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