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How Do I Reset My AC Unit?

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The brutal summer heat can cause you to ask, “how do I reset my AC unit?” The job of an air conditioner is to keep you cool and comfortable in your own home. What happens, however, if it stops working? While there could be a larger issue going on, it may just need to be reset. Luckily, this is something you can quickly do yourself.

Do I Need to Know How TO Reset My AC Unit?

Have you ever called tech support and heard, “have you turned it off and back on?” Air conditioners are large appliances with electronic systems similar to computers. Restarting an air conditioning unit is like restarting your computer. Sometimes electronic systems need to reboot in order to work properly and clear itself of any glitches. Daikin made this easy by installing a reset button on the back of the system so you can do this yourself. Other air conditioning brands also have reset buttons. Most of them are small, red buttons clearly labeled “Reset”.

In some cases, the unit needs to be reset because the circuit breaker is engaged but won’t allow the AC compressor to start. As a safety precaution, the breaker responds to a power surge and protects the AC unit. The power surge could come from internal or external sources.

This is one reason people invest in whole-home surge protection. Don’t let anyone tell you to bypass the circuit breaker. It’s an essential safety device to prevent serious problems.


While it may seem complicated to reset an air conditioner, it is actually simple. Daikin made this easy with a reset button on the back of the system so you can handle it. Follow these steps to troubleshoot your air conditioning system and electrical situation:

  1. Ensure your power supply is adequate. If you’re in the midst of storm activity or a brownout, it’s best to wait until you have full and consistent power. If so, proceed.
  2. Set your thermostat to ‘off.’
  3. Unplug the outdoor unit from the electrical outlet. Leave it unplugged for thirty seconds. Next, plug it back in.
  4. Locate the reset button. They are located in a variety of places, depending on the model. Most are red and small. It should be clearly marked as a reset button.
  5. Press it down once, and hold for three seconds. Wait thirty seconds to see if it turns on. If it doesn’t, try once more. Your air conditioner should respond with a short series of beeps.
  6. If the reset button doesn’t turn the system on, there may be an electrical issue. Reset the main circuit breaker to see if that solves the problem.

How Do I Reset my AC Unit if There’s no Reset Button?

If your air conditioning unit does not have a reset button, it may be an older unit. It’s possible to reset it manually, but that requires more time and care.

First, shut off the power supply. Next, look for the shut-off panel beside your outdoor compressor unit. It will normally be switched on and the main AC wire will be plugged into it.

Once you find the shut-off panel, flip the switch off and locate the 240-volt circuit in your home’s main electrical panel. Switch it off too. These steps completely eliminate all power to your AC unit. To be extra careful, unplug it from the power supply board and disconnect the system. Wait thirty minutes.

Sound complicated or time-consuming? Schedule a Service Visit.

We recommend giving it some time before you power your system on again. It’s best not to reconnect it quickly. It’s important to be sure all the charge in the system exhausts before reconnecting to the power grid. Once at least thirty minutes have passed, plug it in.

This should be enough time for internal systems to reset. Next, switch the power supply to on. Once the air conditioner is connected, revisit the main 240-volt switchboard and switch it back on. Then, go back to the plug point near the external unit and turn it on.

Finally, confirm your thermostat is set to “cool” and turn the power on completely.

When Do I Need a Professional HVAC Tech to Help?

If the circuit breaker connected to the air conditioner trips frequently or is slow to cool down, it’s best to call a professional. We also recommend you call a professional if you find the wires leading to the outdoor compressor unit are bare and exposed or if the breaker panel is without protection.

These conditions create safety risks for resetting. Loose connections or exposed wires inside the system cause power surges and repeatedly trip the circuit breaker. These surges, over time, damage the air conditioning unit. Don’t run the risk of an early replacement because of something preventable.

Lastly, if your unit is more than fifteen years old, it’s possible the problem is more than just a reset issue. We recommend you call a professional for an evaluation. One of the A.B. May HVAC technicians would gladly perform an inspection and determine if a repair is necessary. Another option is to replace the system with a more efficient option. If you would like to reset your current system, one of our technicians can help sort through the issues.


Our best piece of advice is regular maintenance. When you have an air conditioner tune-up with A.B. May, one of our trained HVAC technicians inspects your heating and cooling system from top to bottom. He or she looks for any signs of malfunction, including excess wear and tear.

The technician cleans all the components and tests the electrical controls and switches. He or she looks for anything with the potential to affect the consistent heating and cooling you enjoy. If you need an electrician – you’re in luck! We have those too!

For the most value, we recommend one of our silver and gold plans. These include regular tune-ups for HVAC as well as electrical and plumbing systems. Check out the service plans and give us a call to discuss any questions. We’re happy to help you find the plan that fits your needs best.

A.B. May – Your Air Conditioning Experts in Kansas City

In conclusion, when you need to know “how do I reset my AC unit,” you can count on A.B. May. For most newer air conditioners, it’s fairly simple. For older units, the manual process is more tricky.

No matter what kind of air conditioner you have, an A.B. May HVAC technician is always available to help you. If your AC unit is troubled with electrical issues, A.B. May has electricians available too.

For sixty years, A.B. May has brought comfort and safety to Kansas City residents through exceptional home service. You can trust when you need heating, air conditioning, electrical or plumbing services you’ll be taken care of by this family-owned business.

For 24/7 service or just a regular tune-up, give A.B. May a call or schedule online.

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