How to Keep Dust Out of the Air in Your Home

dust out of air

Winter air is dry and full of allergens that can damage our homes and bodies. Fortunately, there are four simple ways to combat the dust in your home. These additions will create a healthy environment for your family to live in.

Duct Cleaning 

When air moves through your ventilation system, it brings along all kinds of debris. This debris can include dust, allergens, bacteria, and even fungal spores along with it. Dirty air ducts can affect people with allergies, asthma, nasal congestion, sinus problems, respiratory ailments, and dry skin. These contaminants build up and hide in your walls. A.B. May uses patented technology to thoroughly clean your ductwork. As a result, we remove 99.97% of contaminants from your system.

Air Purifier

As allergens and viruses seem to get worse every year, whole home air purifiers can prevent them from staying your home. A whole house home purifier can help your family stay healthier. It can also reducing the amount of dust in your home. Most dust particles and allergens are too small for filters to catch. Air purifiers can clump them together the filter can catch them.

MERV 11 filter

Traditionally, a standard system includes a one-inch filter. A MERV 11 is a five-inch filter that captures 200% more than traditional one-inch filters. It is one of the highest-rated residential filters available. Further, they only need to be replaced every six months, instead of every month like traditional filters. It is more efficient, less of a hassle, and will grant you peace of mind.

High Efficient Blower Motor

A filter only collects dust when the air is circulating, but running a traditional fan continuously can cost more than $4000 a year. With a high efficient blow motor, the air in your home can circulate constantly, collecting significantly more dust than a traditional filter. And they aren't just convenient--with a high efficient blower, your bills could be as low as $50 for an entire year.