How to Protect AC Unit from Dog and other Threats

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Everyone loves dogs. They greet you after a long day of work, cuddle with you at the end of the day, and keep you company on long walks. And even though we all love our pups, they can cause serious damage to outdoor AC units. Dog urine is corrosive and can force parts of your system to break down. Even with protective grates, dog urine can still cause damage since it doesn't protect the unit itself from corrosion.

It can be hard to know if your dog is causing damage to your outdoor unit, but ignorance is not bliss. Corrosion can decrease your unit's efficiency, or it may require replacing the condensing coil or having to replace the entire outdoor unit.



Air Conditioning has two basic purposes: to remove heat and remove humidity from the air in your home. In other words, an AC conditions and improves the quality of the air. It starts by pulling air through the return and is pushed up by the blower. The air then passes through the coil (which sits on top of the furnace), and removes the heat and moisture out of the air. It is then passed through the supply vents and back into your home. For more information about how an AC works, click here.

The primary job of the outdoor unit is to push the hot air from inside your home out so cold air can come in. First, refrigerant enters through the condensing coil. Next, a fan blows air over the coil, which cools the refrigerant. Finally, the compressor circulates the cold refrigerant through the indoor unit to absorb heat. Your AC can't work efficiently if the outdoor unit is damaged.


Plant bushes Planting bushes close by or surrounding your unit may deter your pup to its business in the bushes, instead of the compressor.

Install a fence There are several fence options to choose from. Visit your local hardware store to inquire about material and cost options.

Use training techniques Train your dog to urinate in a different part of the yard, if possible.



Remove debris Because Kansas City has all four seasons, your outdoor unit will see snow, leaves, and rain. Be diligent in clearing it off so the fan can work properly.

Clean system with hose Routinely spray the unit off with an outdoor hose, preferably with a spray nozzle. Be sure to wash away all dirt and grime built up over time.

Keep ground clear of weeds Clear weeds and replace the area immediately surrounding the unit with mulch, to ensure nothing will hinder the system from doing its job.

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