Is A/C Safe For A Baby?

Monday, July 18, 2016

As temperatures heat up, we find ourselves pumping the A/C to combat the uncomfortable hot and humid conditions. For some areas, air conditioning seems like a necessity. But if you have a new baby at home you might be concerned with blasting it. Could all of that cold air cause a chill or weaken your baby’s immune system? We’re here to set the record straight.

Is air conditioning safe for a baby? Short answer, yes! Your baby’s temperature is no different from your own, according to Pediatrician, Dr. Alvin N Eden. Babies are much more comfortable in a cool environment, as opposed to a hot and muggy room. With that being said, there are some air conditioning precautions you can take to ensure your baby is comfortable and safe:


Keep things cool, but not too cool: Keeping the temperature between 72 and 78 degrees makes for a safe, yet comfortable environment for a baby. Set your unit to run at this steady temperature, and opt for energy saving mode  to allow the A/C to turn on and off periodically.


Adjust the temperatures accordingly: Outside temperatures go up and down throughout the day and night. Make sure you are adjusting your A/C to reflect those changes to avoid your baby getting too cold.


Position your baby away from a direct burst of air: You’ll want to make sure that your baby isn’t right next to your unit or in direct line of your vents, to avoid them catching a chill or having cold air blow on their delicate skin.


Reduce dryness: If your baby is exposed to constant cool temperatures, their sensitive skin can dry out. Make sure to properly moisturize their skin and even add a bowl of water in the room to keep the air moist.


Keep them covered: Dress your child appropriately anytime they are in an air conditioned room. Keeping them covered lightly in clothing that goes over their arms and legs, or even a thin blanket is important for their safety and health.


Make sure to clean your A/C: Changing your air filters or scheduling regular maintenance of your air conditioner is highly recommended, especially when you have a baby in the room. Proper servicing will keep your unit working efficiently, and will also avoid having dust and free radicals fill the air, which can potentially be dangerous to you and your small child.


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