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Is It Necessary to Service AC Every Year?

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In the peak heat of the summer, functioning air conditioning in our homes is something we come to take for granted. When you come in from the scorching afternoon, you don’t even have to think twice about whether or not cool air will be blowing from your air ducts.

But what about the first hot day of the year? Can you be 100% certain that your central air conditioning is going to work after not being in use for several months? This is why regular AC maintenance is so important. Today, we will discuss several reasons why annual AC maintenance is important. You might be surprised at our recommendations for the best time to schedule, too.

Why yearly AC maintenance is worth it

At A.B. May, we recommend that all of our customers schedule an AC System Check at least yearly. In fact, we include HVAC System Checks in all of our Home Warranty Plus plans and Bronze, Silver, and Gold Service Plans. But why is it necessary to service your AC every year?

You’ll save money overall with better energy efficiency

Paying for a professional HVAC technician to maintain your home system once a year may seem expensive; why not just call someone when something stops working? But maintenance is more than just preventing problems!

Regular AC maintenance typically includes detailed testing of your systems, evaluation of performance, and identification of any parts that might be at risk of failing. All of these steps add up to a more efficient system. In fact, the Building Efficiency Initiative has reported that regular HVAC maintenance can reduce energy costs by up to 40%! Yearly AC service pays for itself in the long run.

Yearly maintenance is cheaper than emergency AC repairs

The last thing you want is to deal with an air conditioning emergency when you need cooling the most. Many HVAC repair companies provide emergency, 24/7 repair (we do at A.B. May!), but it’s always better to avoid an emergency repair if you can. Even if your sudden need for repair services isn’t in the middle of the night, fixing a broken unit is costly and may even require full AC replacement.

Knowing that your air conditioning system is in good shape thanks to yearly maintenance will give you peace of mind and can save you a lot of money in costly repairs.

It extends the life of your AC unit

Modern air conditioners have an average lifespan of around 15-20 years, but that number can vary widely depending on many factors. One of the most reliable ways to prolong your AC unit’s lifetime is regular maintenance by an HVAC technician. Regular attention keeps your AC from working extra hard to compensate for underperforming parts. When your unit is well-maintained, you can expect it to have a longer useful life.

Regular maintenance may be required for your unit’s warranty

If your AC system is still under warranty and you want to keep it that way, yearly maintenance might be required by the manufacturer. AC maintenance at a cadence of at least yearly keeps the company providing the warranty from having to replace parts and pay for repairs that otherwise could have been avoided.

Don’t accidentally void your HVAC warranty by skipping out on yearly AC maintenance!

When to schedule annual air conditioning maintenance

Now that you’re certain you need it, you might be wondering what time of year is the best to schedule your annual AC maintenance. We recommend that you schedule whenever it’s most convenient for you. The most important thing is that your AC gets expert attention at least once a year. In fact, we often perform both heating and cooling maintenance service during the same appointment, saving our customers time and the hassle of scheduling multiple appointments each year. We do advise customers to schedule maintenance outside of our peak summer season (June to early July). We prioritize repairing ACs when the weather heats up, and your maintenance visit may need to be rescheduled.

If you live in the Kansas City metro area, why not give us a call and schedule our air conditioning System Check service for your home! With over 7,500 Google reviews averaging 4.8 stars, you know you can trust the smart, friendly air conditioning technicians at A.B. May to keep your system maintained every year.

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