Where am I Losing Heat in my Home?


With all the effort you take to ensure your home is warm during these cold, Kansas City winters, finding out that heat is escaping your home can be quite frustrating. AB May is here to help with solutions to keep heat inside your home and dollars inside your wallet. You might be asking yourself:

Where is Heating Escaping my Home?

Even when your home is well-insulated, there are still little cracks and gaps where heat can escape. Common places can include attic holes, access hatches, windows, and doors. Holes in your ceiling meant to accommodate pipes, ducts, and vents can release a ton of heat. Ceiling openings that allow access from a living area to an unheated attic can account for almost 30% of heat loss. Air leaks from windows and doors are usually a major source of heat loss in your home.

How Do I Stop Heat from Escaping my Home?

Of course, once you find the problem areas that are allowing precious heat to leave your home, you’re going to want (read: need) to improve those spots. Venture to your attic to seal any holes with general-purpose caulk or foam spray. Install weather-stripping on the edges of any access hatches that lead to your attic and insulate the backside of the attic door to prevent heat from moving into a cold space. If there are drafts coming from your windows and doors, install or replace the weather-stripping and use indoor caulk to seal off any other spots allowing cold air in and warm air out.

What if My Home is Still Cold?

If you’ve made all the necessary repairs and improvements to keeping heat from escaping your home and you still feel a chill, it’s time to call your HVAC technician. They can inspect your heating system to make sure it is working properly and make any necessary repairs if it isn’t.


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