Sewage Line Camera Inspection in Kansas City

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A New Way to Find Blockages
Drain blockages can cause serious problems for your household. For years, plumbers could only guess where a drain pipe might be clogged. Cutting into that line, especially if it was part of the main sewer line between your house and the street, could quickly become very messy and expensive. Now, a video camera inspection is the best way to determine where you have a problem in your drain lines. It can eliminate guesswork, helping our plumbing team work more efficiently with much less damage to your yard or home.
How it Works
During a camera inspection, we feed a video line through your main sewer line (the large waste pipe that runs from your house to the street). A camera at the end of this line provides a real-time video feed to actually see the problem. It also has a transmitter to pinpoint the location of a blockage. Once we find the blockage, we can work with you to make an accurate plan for repair. This process saves time, money, and eliminates the need for guesswork. Just like every other service at A.B. May, you can expect our plumbers to listen to you, take the time to understand your home’s unique features, and explain all of your options to repair the blockage. We can give you peace of mind while we find and repair your sewer problems. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.¬†Schedule a video camera inspection of your home today. [/general_content]