High Efficiency Faucet Installation Services

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Faucets use a lot of water in the home–around 15% of a typical family’s water usage.

Older faucets leak and drip, adding up to gallons of wasted water a day. Replacing an older faucet or simply repairing it can save water every day. An aerator is a simple addition that can save water in any faucet by restricting the flow of water.

How We Can Help

A.B. May can fix your leaky faucets, replace valves, or install a completely new faucet for you. If you are an agreement plumber, make sure you mention faucet issues to our customer service specialist when you are scheduling any plumbing calls. One service fee covers all plumbing repairs per visit. Weak or leaky faucets can seem like small problems, but keeping them in top shape can help save water.