High Efficiency Toilet Installation in Kansas City

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Save Water Every Time you Flush

High-efficiency toilets save a significant amount of water every time you flush. Because they use more water than anything else in your home, replacing your toilets can also make a big difference in your water bill.

Older toilets use up to 6 gallons per flush, while new high-efficiency models can do the same job with just 1.28 gallons. Old toilets are a major source of wasted water in many homes.

According to the EPA, upgrading to high-efficiency toilets can reduce the water used for toilets in your home by 20-60%. For an average family, that’s nearly 13,000 gallons of water a year, which is about $110 on your annual water bill and around $2200 over the life of the toilet.

It’s our Pleasue to Serve You

If you are thinking about replacing your toilets, let us do it for you. It can be a messy job, and it’s important to do it quickly to avoid unpleasant odors. When we come to your home, we will look at it’s unique features and listen to your concerns. And our upfront pricing avoids surprises once the work is done.

We aim to exceed your expectations. Our customers use words like Great, Professional, and Service all the time to describe our technicians. Give us a call today.