Appliance Parts Not Available Policy

Since manufacturers replace appliance models so quickly these days, they sometimes stop producing replacement parts. Eventually, the parts for certain models become unavailable through our standard purchasing channels. A.B. May never purchases used parts for our repairs. Even though we want to repair your appliance, it just isn’t possible without the right part.

Gold Service Plans and Home Warranties have special coverage

If you have a Home Warranty or Gold Service Plan, special coverage applies to you in this situation. Home Warranty and Gold Service Plan customers receive a check based on the cost of repair when parts are not available.

a check instead of repair When Parts are Not Available

This is what you can expect if we cannot order your replacement part through our standard purchasing channels:

  • Our appliance department will notify you in writing with the amount of allowance you will receive.
  • A.B. May will issue you a check for the allowance. It includes a full refund of the paid service fee* plus the repair price that we determined during the original repair diagnosis.
  • You may use the check towards the purchase of the new appliance or for anything else you like.
  • After your allowance, the appliance is no longer covered under your service plan or warranty.

*Service fee refunds will not be issued if more than one appliance was repaired during the initial service call.