8 Ways a Humidifier Will Improve Your Life (and How to Choose the Right One For You)

Tuesday, January 9, 2018



Winter comes with all types of challenges, with dry air at the top of the list. Have you noticed your skin cracking or floorboards creaking? Do you have a cold you just can't seem to get rid of? These are symptoms of low humidity. Dry air can wreck havoc on your home and your body. Installing a whole home humidifier can significantly improve your quality of life in 8 ways:

  1. Ease Congestion Dry, winter air dries out your sinuses, lowering your resistance to viruses and germs and causing mucus to become thick and dry. Your nose is working hard to warm the air before it passes into your respiratory system. Using a humidifier helps your nose do its job, passing moist air through your system. Humidified air will keep allergies, congestion, and colds away.
  2. Reduce Allergies As the humidifiers clear your system of congestion, your body becomes stronger and more capable of fighting allergies. Dry air irritants are weakened with moisture, making the air in your home less susceptible to allergens.
  3. Stay Healthy High humidity levels can dramatically lower the risk of contracting viruses. Humidity kills virus particles, while dry air harbors and transports them. To create a healthy and virus-free home during the winter, install a humidifier.
  4. Healthy Houseplants House plants have proven to detoxify indoor air as well as increase happiness in the winter months. But plants need water to survive--both from the soil and from the air. If the air is too dry, plants will dry out and wilt, (just like our skin and hair). Plants prefer a humidity level of 40%, which can only be achieved yearround through a humidifier.
  5. Save Money on Energy Bills Humidity makes the air in your home feel warmer. If your home has low humidity, 70 can feel like 65. Adding humidity to your air allows you to keep the thermostat on a lower setting without compromising your comfort.
  6. Protect Hardwoods floors and Wood Furniture Wood expands and contracts with temperature and moisture, so it's not surprise wood cracks during the cold, dry, winter months. Have you noticed cracks on furniture or creaky floorboards? This is due to a lack of moisture in the air. By adding humidity, woodwork and hardwood floors will last much longer.
  7. Improve Sleep Installing a humidifier not only creates a warm, comfortable environment--it also reduces snoring. Snoring is louder and more frequent when the air is dry; a moist environment can reduce snoring symptoms. Raising humidity levels in your home can also reduce the risk of scratchy throats, headaches, and dry noses, helping you sleep sounder.
  8. Prevent Dry Skin Have you noticed your skin cracking or increased dandruff? Skin relies on moisture to stay flexible and healthy. A humidifier will keep your skin soft and healthy, and can counteract signs of aging.


Choosing the Right Humidifier For You

There are two basic types of whole house humidifiers: bypass and steam.

Bypass: A bypass humidifier are best in smaller homes and provide basic humidity control. Typically, they only turn on when your furnace turns on. This means the air will only be humidified if there is a call for heat. As an affordable option, a bypass humidifier can take the edge off. We recommend an April Air Bypass Humidifier, which we will order and install for you.

Steam: Steam humidifiers are for medium to larger sized homes, and provide advanced humidity control. They are designed to put up to 24 gallons of water into your home a day. Steam humidifiers are recommended when customers have specific humidification needs, like hardwood floors or sinus issues. An April Air steam humidifier is the leading product in indoor air products, and will get your home warm and comfortable in no time.