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Central A/C Units: Repair or Replace?

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It’s hot out there, and it’s essential to have a cool and comfortable home. Since heating and cooling account for almost 50% of utility expenses in an average home, it’s really important to choose your HVAC unit wisely. You want to make sure you’re getting the most for your money. Over time, central A/C units lose their efficiency and begin to have problems. If you notice your A/C bills going up without your house temperatures going down, it may be time to consider a repair or replacement. But how will you know which one is best? These factors will help determine if a repair or a replacement is the way to go:

Consider The Age Of Your A/C:

Age plays a critical factor in determining if your current unit is worth repairing or replacing it for something newer. If your unit is 12-15 years or older, it’s a good time to consider a replacement. Having a plan in place will help to avoid the stress of quick purchasing decisions when it is time to replace. Typically, air conditioners older than 15 years aren’t energy efficient anyway, so upgrading to one that runs on an energy saver mode can lower your monthly bills as much as 20%, according to Energy Star.

How Long You Will Live There:

If your unit is older and you’re only planning on living in your home for a short amount of time, spending money for a repair is probably a good idea. However, if you see yourself in that home for the long run, the cost of a new unit will be well worth it. You’ll see a return on your investment since you’ll be able to enjoy that cooling comfort for years to come. And as a bonus– if you do decide to sell your house, an energy-efficient A/C is a very attractive feature to buyers!

Frequency Of Repairs:

If it seems like every time you turn around something breaks on your A/C, it may be time for a replacement. Constant issues such as repairing a leak, adding refrigerant, and replacing a compressor can all add up to the cost of buying a new unit.

Following the 5,000 rule is a good reference when deciding on repair vs replace. Multiply the age of the equipment by the repair cost. If that number exceeds $5,000 it is a good idea to replace. If it is less, making the repair is a good call. For example, a 10-year old unit with a $350 repair equals $3,500 – repairing it may be the best option, depending on what the repair is. If you have questions, our service advisors are available to address your concerns.

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