Furnace Troubleshooting Tips in Kansas City

The temperature is dropping in Kansas City and soon, we will be relying on our furnaces around the clock. A properly working furnace is necessary for frigid Kansas City winters. If your furnace is not keeping your home warm, it can be stressful and frustrating. If you turn on your furnace for the first time this season and things don't seem right, it may just need some small adjustments. Before calling for a furnace repair, troubleshoot by following these steps below While it could be a larger issue, it may be something simple that you can fix yourself. If you are still experiencing issues, call A.B. May to schedule an appointment with a professional technician. In this blog, we will cover common issues for Kansas City homeowners and DIY furnace troubleshooting tips.

Best FUrnace Troubleshooting Tips for Homeowners

1. Verify thermostat settings are correct

2. Check breaker box

3. Is your air filter clogged and choking your furnace?

4. Is airflow obstructed?

5. Are you overdue for a heating tune up?

Check your thermostat

Check the settings on your thermostat. Make sure it is set to HEAT. It can be easy to forget to adjust the settings as the seasons change. If it isn't set to HEAT, change the settings so your thermostat signals the furnace to turn on. Next, replace the batteries. It may be as simple as switching out old batteries for ones with a full set of energy.

reset the breaker

Winter storms can cause our homes to lose power, even in short spurts. If this happens, the breaker may trip to protect against surges. Try turning the switch off and on again. This may send power back to the unit, allowing it to work properly.


It is easy to forget about the air filter, but a dirty one can cause problems for your furnace. Dirt is the number one problem we see when furnaces are not working. Replace your air filter to restore proper airflow to your furnace. A clean air filter will not only help your furnace work more efficiently--it will also extend the life of the unit. It's a win-win!

CHECK FOR possible blockages

Your home and furnace are set up to ventilate through return and supply air ducts. If these are blocked, the air can't properly distribute throughout your home. Compromised airflow also strains your HVAC equipment. Additional stress on your equipment shortens its lifespan, increases the risk of furnace repairs or breakdowns, and uses more energy. Any time you use more energy it increases your utility bills.

Check for airflow obstructions, like furniture, closed air vents, or dirty vent covers. While it may seem like closing air vents in less-visited rooms will save energy, closed vents disrupt the air pressure balance in your home. Each vent contributes to the overall comfort of your home. Open up air vents and move furniture out of the way to allow the air to enter.


The most important step for the health and efficiency of your system is regularly scheduled maintenance. We recommend a maintenance appointment every six months. Consistent maintenance extends the life of your system, lower energy bills, prevent larger repairs and breakdowns, and keep you safe. If you have a furnace, get a heating tune up each fall and one for your air conditioner in the spring. If you use a heat pump, get a tune up for it each spring and fall, because it both heats and cools your house.

BONUS Heating Tip

Did you know you lose 10 percent of the money you spend to heat your house through windows? Warm air seeps out in the sneakiest of places. Walk around to each window in your home and check for any drafts or bursts of cold air that you feel coming through.  If you notice any air leaks, you’ll want to seal up those windows with caulking. If you’re having a hard time telling where the draft is coming from, grab a lit candle and walk around your house--wherever the flame flickers, you probably have a draft!

You might also be low on home insulation. We're happy to provide a free estimate. Many houses, even those a decade old, are underinsulated, or the insulation has settled and become less effective. You'll be amazed at how proper insulation saves your heating and cooling dollars!

When You Need Expert Furnace TroublEshooting Call A.B. May

If you have tried these steps and something still seems off, call A.B. May or click to make an appointment. One of our technicians will diagnose the issue and walk you through your options. It can be frustrating when your furnace doesn't work, but we are here for you. Do you have an emergency? We offer emergency heating repair appointments if necessary.