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home heating safety Kansas City

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When temperatures drop, it’s easy to flip on your furnace and plug in some space heaters without giving it much thought. Sadly, more house fires happen in the winter months than any other time of year. Giving your home some attention can go a long way in preventing fires. Following these home heating safety tips can help keep your house cozy and safe this winter.

  • Store boxes, papers, and all other flammables three feet away from your furnace, space heaters, fireplaces, water heaters, and other heating elements.
  • Test your carbon monoxide detectors and replace old batteries. This is especially important in the winter months because a cracked heat exchanger can release carbon monoxide into your home.
  • Schedule a furnace maintenance and inspection at least once a year. We will check for safety, find small problems before they become major breakdowns, and thoroughly clean it to save energy.
  • Change the furnace filter every 1-2 months, especially during the winter. Fresh air filters increase your system’s airflow, improve air quality, and reduce energy bills.
  • Purchase space heaters with an emergency shut-off feature, plug them into a GFCI wall outlet instead of a power strip, and never leave them unattended. It’s especially important to turn them off overnight or when you are away from home. If you have cold areas of your home, adding zoning or other performance features may improve your comfort. We can send an expert to your home to evaluate your situation.

If you have any more questions about keeping your family warm and safe this winter, give us a call. We love to answer your questions, and our technicians are always available to take a look at your furnace if it’s not working well for you. We wish everyone in Kansas City a safe and warm winter season!

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