How To Keep Your Air Conditioner Clean

Did you know that the condition of your A/C unit has a lot to do with how efficiently it runs? It's true! Keeping your air conditioner clean will help it stay in tip top shape. Below are some tips on how to keep it clean.
Change the Filter
Your air filter traps indoor air particles. A dirty air filter not only prohibits air flow, but also contributes to poor indoor air quality. To avoid this, simply change your air filter once a month in the summer.
Clean the Outdoor Unit
If your outdoor A/C unit is dirty, it is working harder and using more energy to stay afloat. Conversely, cleaning the dust and debris off of your outdoor unit keeps it running efficiently. 
Professional Maintenance
Like any other piece of HVAC equipment, an outdoor A/C unit needs yearly professional maintenance. One of our skilled technicians at A.B. May can clean your air conditioning coils. This will keep the unit in good working order.
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