Project ElderCool



Thanks to kind donors, Project Elder Cool served a man who helped make history.  Amos is 91 years old. He's not in good health.  The youngest of his two daughters cares for him in a downstairs room of the Kansas City home where Amos has lived for more than 50 years.  It's where he and his late wife Lilly Pearl raised their family.  However, the house has no air conditioning, and it's hot where Amos now spends most of his time in a hospital bed.


When one of the volunteers was installing the window unit, Amos mentioned that he had served in the Army, and that he landed in Normandy two days after D-Day.  When asked if he remembered those times, Amos (who has a sense of humor) said he mostly tries to "dis-remember."  He said it all comes and goes.

The Bishop Sullivan Center is an example of how, together,  we can change our community!  A.B. May is proud to be a partner with Bishop Sullivan and Project ElderCool.