Signs It’s Time For A Panel Upgrade

In this country, we tend to take electricity for granted. It has become a necessity of modern living. The electrical system probably never crosses your mind--until something goes wrong. Below are warning signs that indicate that you need a new electrical panel.
Tripping Circuit Breakers
Your circuit breakers should not trip frequently. When a circuit breaker trips constantly, it is usually due to an old, worn down electrical panel. It can also happen if your panel cannot accommodate your home's energy needs. If tripping circuit breakers is a common occurrence in your home, it's time for an upgrade.  
Electrical Fires
It is possible that your panel experienced an electrical fire. You may not even have known about it. If you see charring or discoloration on the circuit breaker, chances are there was an electrical fire in the panel. In this case, you should seek a professional electrician as soon as possible.
If your electrical system exhibits the symptoms mentioned above, it's time for a new electrical panel. Having an electrical panel installed in your home is a job for the expert electricians at A.B. May.