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The Power Went Out – Should I Worry About My Heat?

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This winter this is a very important question! The answer will not be the same for everyone; it all depends on what kind of heating system that you have. Here is a brief breakdown of some of the key systems and how power outages will affect their operation.

Steam Heat (NO)

Steam heat uses only gas to heat up your home so a power outage will not cause you to lose heat.

Forced Air Heating (YES)

With this type of heating system, unfortunately, you will lose heat if the power goes out. This typical furnace and duct work system will need electricity in order to operate.

Water Heater

In most circumstances your water heater will be able to continue working if the power goes out. If you have a high efficiency water heater, that will not be the case. These water heaters have a motor that requires electricity.

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