The Power Went Out – Should I Worry About My Heat?

The power just went out...
do I need to worry the heat?




This winter this is a very important question! The answer will not be the same for everyone; it all depends on what kind of heating system that you have. Here is a brief breakdown of some of the key systems and how power outages will affect their operation.

  • Steam Heat (NO)-Steam heat uses only gas to heat up your home so a power outage will not cause you to lose heat.
  • Forced Air Heating (YES)- With this type of heating system, unfortunately, you will lose heat if the power goes out. This typical furnace and duct work system will need electricity in order to operate.
  • Water Heater- In most circumstances your water heater will be able to continue working if the power goes out. If you have a high efficiency water heater, that will not be the case. These water heaters have a motor that requires electricity.

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