Daikin Fit Review

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Daikin Fit
Designed to Fit your indoor air needs with ease.
Quiet | Space Saving | Efficient

The Daikin Fit is a smart HVAC System that won’t compromise comfort. It offers solutions when a traditional cube style air conditioner cannot. The Daikin Fit system provides an affordable, premium, mid-efficiency inverter in a market saturated with expensive, high-tiered inverters.
The Daikin Energy Advisor identifies how much you can save with an inverter system by Daikin.

  • comfort

    Imagine a home that is never too hot or too cold. Because the Daikin Fit system is an inverter unit, it maintains your desired temperature consistently. Inverter systems also eliminate undesirable operational sounds that can be a nuisance in non-inverter systems. Take a look at the noise comparison chart below.


  • Space

    Traditional “cube style” air conditioners can be cumbersome for certain spaces. The Daikin Fit is the perfect fit for any space.

    • Ideal for homes with limited space for installation
    • Can be wall or ground-mounted to give you more space
    • The slim profile is ideal for zero lot homes, condos, town homes, patios, and traditional homes.
  • Budget

    Compressors are the single most energy consuming part of a heating and cooling system. However, not all compressors are created equal. Traditional systems use single speed or dual-speed compressors. The Daikin Fit system is equiped with inverter (variable-speed) technology. Inverter AC systems can have an energy savings of up to 30% compared to non-inverter AC systems.