Kansas City Dehumidifier Installation & Repair Services


Humidity is definitely an issue in Kansas City springs and summers. A.B. May is your trusted leader in installing and repairing dehumidifiers in the Kansas City area.

More moisture in the air makes it feel even hotter. There are many situations where your air conditioner alone can’t remove enough humidity to keep you comfortable. High humidity levels can also contribute to mold and mildew growth in your home. You may be turning the temperature down lower than you prefer on humid days, which makes your electricity bill grow.

Does your home need a dedicated dehumidifier?

  • Basements often can’t avoid high humidity, especially during rainy spring and summer months. A typical portable dehumidifier cycles on and off more than 300 times each day. The constant cycling makes it hard to keep up with the dampness.
  • Houses with over-sized air conditioners or heat pumps have an even harder time handling humidity.
  • Energy-efficient, tight home construction is becoming popular in remodels and new construction. It reduces the demand for air conditioning, which is a great thing. Unfortunately, humidity is not removed unless your system is running, so it may build up during the warmer months.

A dedicated dehumidifier controls humidity quietly and efficiently, saving your energy dollars. Dehumidifiers also improve comfort while protecting your home. Call us today about adding one to your home.