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Introducing Filterjoy

Amazing air filters delivered to your door and always FREE shipping. Start your free trial* today, no commitment.

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    Filters Delivered to your Door

    Did you know that a clean filter is one of the best things you can do for your heating and cooling system? It’s also one of the easiest chores to forget.

    *Free trial includes up to two 1-inch air filters at no charge. No commitments-you can cancel any time.

    Introducing Filterjoy, an easy-to-use filter subscription service to keep your home air filters fresh.

    Your maintenance appointment is coming up, and a new filter is essential for your A/C to run well. Ideally, you already have a new, high-performance filter ready to install during your maintenance. In the past, our trucks had basic (1-month) fiberglass filters to use if you didn’t have a filter ready. Unfortunately, our supplier has discontinued these.

    Now, there are two simple options:
    1. Buy a new filter from any hardware or big-box retailer before your maintenance. We recommend the higher-performance pleated ones for better performance and efficiency.
    2. Sign up for a Filterjoy subscription, a new service for A.B. May homeowners that sends new filters right to your door. It typically takes 2-5 business days for your first filter to arrive.

    3 Filter Grades – 70+ Perfect Sizes – Always Free Shipping

    Filterjoy is a subscription that sends new filters directly to you + free shipping so you can keep your system running at top capacity. Their prices are frequently cheaper than major retailers, so using them can save both time and money. A.B. May customers can sign up for their Free Trial Offer at, which includes up to two 1-inch air filters at no charge.


    How it works

      Tell them how many air filters are in your home, the size of each, and how often you prefer to replace them – every 1, 2, or 3 months.


      You’ll get direct-to-door delivery, so you’ll
      never need to remember to change or shop
      for air filters again. Plus, if you don’t love your first filters, it’s on them.

      No Risk

      No long-term commitments and no hassles – you’re in total control. Pause, modify or cancel your air filter plan anytime. They’re quick, affordable, and fun.

      Hassle Free