Sewer Line Replacement in Kansas City

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Replacement Options

If you are in a situation where your sewer line needs to be replaced, we've got you covered.
We have options that can save you money and give your peace of mind through the entire process.

Traditional Trenching

This is the "open cut" or "trench" method. This traditional method allows the technicians to gain access to the damaged portion of the pipe.  This usually requires using a backhoe or other heavy machinery to open and refill the work area. There can be a rather large disruption of your yard, garage and/or driveway if the sewer line runs beneath them, but the repair cost may be less expensive for you.

Trenchless Repair

This method, called pipe bursting, causes less damage than traditional trenching.  Small access holes are made where the damaged pipe starts and ends. Our hydraulic machine pulls a full-sized replacement pipe through the old path while breaking up the damaged pipe. This method usually costs more, but it may save you money in the long run because there is very little disruption to your driveway or landscaping.

The Right Team can Make a Big Difference
We are here to help. We know that sewer replacement is a major home investment that no one is excited to make, but we also know that reputable professionals walking you through the process can make it a lot easier. Our team fully explains your options, so you can be confident we will do the job right. And our available financing makes it easier on your budget. It’s our pleasure to serve you, and we aim to exceed your expectations.