Furnace Safety

Thursday, November 6, 2014



Keep Your Family Safe with these Tips


No matter how big your home is, storage can always be an issue.  Especially as the holidays approach, we may find that ever nook and cranny in our home is being dedicated to gifts and decorations, including where our furnace is.  Though we congratulate you on finding more storage space, it is important to keep in mind that in order to keep your furnace running safely, the area around it should be kept fairly clear.  There should be about 1 foot of space on each side of the furnace and 2-3 feet of space in the front of the furnace.


Other furnace safety tips include:  

  • Make sure that the pilot light is always burning blue.  A yellow pilot light could be an indicator of a problem, and it should be checked out by a qualified professional.
  • Regularly change or clean the furnace filters every 1-2 months.  This will also increase efficiency!
  • It is important to not block any furnace that uses indoor air for combustion because that could make a lot of carbon dioxide, which is very dangerous!


If you have any more questions about keeping your family warm and safe this winter, contact A.B. May!  Good luck searching for storage!