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Guide to HVAC Temperature Zoning

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Have you heard about HVAC temperature zoning? If you have one room in your house that doesn’t get warm in the winter or cool in the summer, we have solutions for you. Most Kansas City homes have areas that aren’t consistently as comfortable as others. There are several reasons this happens: the thermostat may be improperly placed, the room may be an addition or built on a slab, or it could be lacking the proper supply and return vents. It’s also common to have trouble spots if you have two stories, a finished basement, or an open floor plan.

Whatever the cause, there is no reason to avoid an entire room in your house because of the temperature. Zoning is a solution to this problem. It targets those problem areas by redirecting air flow. This is a guide to HVAC temperature zoning – let’s see if it’s the right fit for you.

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What Is Zoning?

Zoning is an efficient way to create customized temperature zones throughout your home. Zoning redirects air to specific rooms for overall comfort. For instance, if your home has an addition or a second story, you may find some rooms don’t cool down as well. Zoning help target those areas to make sure they are getting adequate airflow.

Sometimes, an HVAC temperature zoning plan calls for the installation of more than one thermostat. The thermostat’s location is important because they read the temperatures of their specific zone. Zoning adds dampers to redirect air based on the thermostat’s settings.

When properly used, HVAC temperature zoning helps save money on utility bills. According to the US Department of Energy, “system zoning can save homeowners up to 30 percent on a typical heating and cooling bill.”


Nearly every home could benefit from a zoned system. Multi-level homes, homes with large windows or skylights, open floor plans, or a sprawling ranch all present opportunities for an HVAC temperature zoning system. The cooling system responds to the temperature of the room the thermostat is in, but the rest of the house may vary in temperature. If the thermostat is on the first floor, it can’t respond appropriately to the second story temperatures.

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Each zone is customized to use energy and airflow efficiently. These custom zones also allow you to set cooler/warmer temperatures in areas you use more often. Zoning creates the comfort level of multiple systems with a single air conditioner, making the most of the system you already have. For example, you may like sleeping at a cooler temperature than you want in your entire home.

One of our specialized technicians creates a zone for the bedrooms, so you aren’t wasting precious dollars cooling the entire house at a lower temperature all night long. Your living space “zone” can stay at a comfortable temperature while you sleep soundly in cooler air. System zoning not only creates consistent temperatures throughout your home but also customizable options.

In some cases, the answer to your zoning issues could be the installation of a ductless system. Some households, empty nesters, for example, find they spend most of their time in two to three rooms. Run the central air at a higher temperature in the summer while cooling the priority living spaces with a ductless AC unit. Do the same in winter with a ductless mini-split heat pump model, which both heats and cools.

Ductless units are quiet, energy-efficient and easy to install on the wall or ceiling. Some homes opt for just ductless units. Depending on the model, up to six indoor ductless units connect to one outdoor AC compressor. This allows each room to be the desired temperature of the current occupant. Ductless also works really well in additions, older homes or those with complex architecture.


If you are interested in learning more about system zoning, schedule a free estimate today. An A.B. May certified technician will walk you through your options. We want your Kansas City home to be comfortable for you and your family.

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