System Maintenance FAQ



Scheduling a maintenance appointment is the easiest way to improve the comfort, efficiency, and lifespan of your system. By protecting your investment, you are ensuring your system will keep you comfortable and safe, even in the most drastic temperatures.


1. What are the benefits of preventative maintenance?

-System Lifespan  Professional maintenance will ensure a longer lifespan or your furnace. HVAC systems are expensive, and like any investment, it's wise to take proper care of it. Preventative maintenance is a homeowner's best defense against surprising, high-cost fixes in the middle of winter. Scheduled maintenance appointments provides your system with the proper upkeep it needs to operate efficiently. It also cuts back the wear and tear on the unit, and catches small issues before they become large, expensive problems.

-Lower Energy Bills When a furnace is running regularly, dirt and debris can build up in your system, forcing it to work harder to keep your home warm. Energy costs can grow over time, so you don't realize how much efficiency you have lost. During maintenance, we clean and lubricate the moving parts in your system to reduce the energy your furnace needs to perform its best.

-Safety A safe home is our top priority. During each maintenance appointment, we check to make sure your unit is completely safe for your home by looking at wiring issues and potential carbon monoxide leaks. Each system is cleaned during maintenance, which cuts back potential for mold and bacteria to filter through the air.


2. What does maintenance include? What is included varies from system to system. Give us a call and we are happy to answer questions specific to your home and unit. Are you an A.B. May Agreement Customer? If so, you don't just get a furnace tuneup each year, but a Combined System Maintenance. Instead of focusing on just the furnace, we look at your unit as a whole. Since many of the elements in your heating and cooling system work together and are used all year long, we look at everything during every tuneup. All agreement customers receive two free Combined System Maintenance appointments a year. If you are an Agreement Customer, you can read what is included here.


3. When should furnace maintenance take place? Ideally, schedule maintenance before the system will be working consistently (Fall and Spring are best), but any time is the right time. Don't procrastinate on maintenance--it could prevent you from large problems later on.


4. What furnace maintenance tasks can the homeowner perform?

-First, schedule a professional maintenance appointment with A.B. May.

-In the meantime, change the filter.

-Clear the area around the furnace. Systems need space to breathe. When airflow is blocked, the system will be unable to work efficiently. Be sure to keep the areas around your systems clear at all times.

-Test carbon monoxide alarms regularly, checking for a working alarm and juiced batteries. If you do not have a carbon monoxide alarm, call us right away to install one in your home.

-Clean registers throughout your home to cutting back on the dust and debris that circulates through the air.