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System Checks & Maintenance FAQ


Scheduling a System Check appointment is the easiest way to improve the comfort, efficiency, and lifespan of your system. By protecting your investment, you are ensuring your system will keep you comfortable and safe, even in the most drastic temperatures. We collected some of the most common questions we receive in this System Maintenance FAQ.

What are the benefits of annual maintenance?

  • Prevent breakdowns. It’s never a good time to have your A/C or heat go out; regular attention is the best way to avoid it. Our professional technicians thoroughly inspect your entire heating and cooling system, looking for leaks, worn-out parts, and wiring issues that could trip you up when the weather puts stress on them. We can often catch easy-to-fix issues before they become large, expensive problems.
  • Extend the life of your unit. Annual maintenance reduces wear and tear and increases the lifespan of your equipment. HVAC systems are expensive; like any investment, they deserve proper attention. We recommend HVAC Cleaning to provide your system with the proper upkeep it needs to operate efficiently.
  • Lower Energy Bills. When a furnace is running regularly, dirt and debris can build up in your system, forcing it to work harder to keep your home warm. Energy costs can grow over time, so you don’t realize how much efficiency you have lost. During HVAC Cleaning, we clean and lubricate the moving parts in your system to reduce the energy your equipment needs to perform its best.
  • Ensure Safety. A safe home is our top priority. During each System Check, we make sure your unit is completely safe for your home by looking at wiring issues and potential carbon monoxide leaks. HVAC Cleaning can also improve air quality.

What does a System Check include?

Since many of the elements in your heating and cooling system work together and are used all year long, we look at everything during each System Check. Our expert technicians test and evaluate the major components of both your furnace and air conditioner for safety and performance, keeping it ready for any kind of weather. When you add HVAC Cleaning, we clean and maintain your system in addition to inspecting it for safety and performance. By getting rid of any dirt or debris, your system won’t have to work as hard to keep you comfortable. This improves efficiency and performance. Remember, please have a clean replacement filter available for your technician when they arrive. Want to plan ahead and save money? Check out our Service Plans and Home warranty Plus–every plan includes annual System Checks.

Do I need to schedule maintenance every year?

Short answer–Yes! Regular attention is the best way to get the best performance out of your system. Read more about reasons to schedule annual System Checks. Don’t procrastinate on maintenance–it could prevent you from large problems later on.

What’s the best time to schedule maintenance?

Scheduling maintenance every year is important, but the time of year doesn’t matter as much as you might think. Most of the time, we check your entire system, so it will be ready for any kind of weather year-round. Schedule when it’s most convenient or easiest to remember. If possible, avoid scheduling regular maintenance during peak seasons (esp June/July) because those appointments are subject to rescheduling when emergency service is needed during a heatwave. If you are one of our plan members, we will remind you when it’s time to schedule.

What maintenance tasks can homeowners do themselves?

Changing the filter is the most important maintenance task you can perform as a homeowner. You will use 5-15% less energy with a fresh filter!

Another maintenance tip is to clear the area around your HVAC equipment. Systems need space to breathe. When airflow is blocked, the system will be unable to work efficiently. Be sure to keep the areas around your systems clear at all times. You can also clean registers throughout your home to cut back on the dust and debris that circulates through the air.

Also, test carbon monoxide alarms regularly, checking for a working alarm and juiced batteries. If you do not have a carbon monoxide alarm, call us right away to install one in your home. They can save your life!

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